Stratagetik Recordz update

Gino Skarz and Stratagetik Recordz would like to thank all supporters and fans alike for the love and appreciation of our work

-Warner Brothers / Sunset Urban Records and Media
(My second time I may sign and hoping for something positive this time around)
-Just got put on a three-city tour with an all girl group (anonymous for now), upcoming mixtape, too include a DJ (dates and locations TBD)
-Still working on “Tha Artz of Tha Game”…..
-Got a new booking agent (Still working on bookings tho and was almost gonna book with genres outside of hip-hop….still possible)
-Just released “Blind Love Featuring Twyanna Holloway”…..
-Coordinating video shoot for “Holy Water” and should be good…(Between Nov-Dec timeframe)
-Miami radio station interview coming up in Nov….”Holy Water” and “Blind Love” will be on rotation as a special that whole month….

To be continued……….