About stratagetik

Stratagetik Recordz is a independent hip-hop and rap record label owned and operated under J.Jarvis also known as Gino Skarz. The label features underground hip-hop/rap artist and producers while promoting,distributing, and marketing all of it's current projects independently. Gino Skarz is an artist/producer as well as the CEO/A&R and recording engineer of Stratagetik Recordz. Gino Skarz currently has several albums and projects available on the internet and online music stores under his belt that are self-produced and marketed through the label. Stratagetik Recordz has developed over the past few years and strives to create music that hip-hop/rap listeners can relate to and will appreciate. The label will continue to grow in it's musical capabilities and experience while strengthening it's network and fanbase to produce quality music.